Light In Darkness Print


Digital version of Light In Darkness. 
11×11(1/4 inch border included) on card stock.


Prints ship 1-3 days after purchase.

Wrapped and shipped in hard envelope.

Being in the dark can seem endless, until you see that glimmer of the light of the moon. Reflecting on the past has put our whole country on pause for a moment, and has shed light on the issues the black community has been screaming about for generations. While some people see this as a time of unrest and darkness, the black community see’s this as a time of hope, and a time of growth, a time to bridge the gap in equality between us and dismantle systems put in place to keep us down. We are beautiful, we are strong, we’ll always look up. Fix your crowns and keep pushing for justice and equity, we’ll get there soon.

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