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After Market was created by Zach Self and Tori Kirihara, co-founders of The Feels. It is a digital marketplace for creatives, by creatives.

As creatives, we were looking for an e-commerce platform solution to sell our merchandise products on for The Feels.  We quickly realized there were no hosting websites that had a hyper focus on supporting creatives of color or work in the culture we were a part of. We had this idea to create a marketplace and community that continuously works on making it easier and simpler for small businesses to thrive, while also making it known that we, as creatives of color, highly encourage and support other creatives of color to become successful in their work. After Market was designed carefully and thoroughly with the intent to have lower fees and greater support in the fulfillment area. We want our sellers to know that we are here to set them up for success. Not only do we strive to make this a great selling platform, we also focus on making this the best shopping experience for customers. This is a one stop shop for people to discover, explore and sell in any creative capacity, while also supporting creatives that are in an underserved industry.

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